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Pain Management in the time of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Are you concerned about being in a packed waiting room to be seen by your doctor? Do you need a prescription refill, a procedure, or just a follow-up?

You’re right to be worried!

Expert Pain Management offers telemedicine (telehealth) to get a virtual appointment from the safety and comfort of your home

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At Expert Pain Management, we use the latest technologies and procedures to help our patients to find pain relief. We take a multidisciplinary approach helping our patients to achieve the highest quality of life.

We spend the necessary time with each person to provide attentive, personalized care. We are committed to providing a comprehensive, updated, science-based, and compassionate care to our patients

Some of our

Pain Management Services


We use case by case, individualized and scince-based combinations of medicines as a part of our approach to pain management. In some, most severe pain cases, we could prescribe you an opioid. Due to potent side effects and the risks of tolerance or abuse, you’ll need to be under your doctor’s careful supervision when taking this medications.

Interventional Pain Management

When necessary, we use the most modern interventional pain-blocking procedures. Nerve blocks, electrostimulation, or implantable drug delivery systems may be used as part of the treatment. We use ultrasound or radiology equipment to safely and accurately perform the required injection and successfully treat many pain conditions.

Regenerative medicine PRP therapy ( Platelets Rich Plasma)

Cutting-edge procedures, such as regenerative medicine, can help mitigate or eliminate chronic pain. We use the regenerative potential of your own body, hidden in the blood platelets to treat some individualized pain conditions

Ketamine Infusion

Ketamine infusions have the potential to be a complete game-changer for people struggling with some severe, treatment-resistant Pain conditions:

  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)
  • Severe Fibromyalgia
  • Central Pain Syndrome from stroke

Spinal and Peripheral Neuromodulation

Both spinal cord and peripheral nerve stimulation are among the most effective alternatives to prescription drug therapy for chronic pain. Similar in function and appearance to cardiac pacemakers, the stimulator devices send micro-electrical signals to block the pain.

Supplements and Vitamins for your Pain

Health Supplements and Vitamins could be used to help manage pain.
The holistic effect of vegetarian preparations may decrease the need for medicines that can have important and negative side effects.
We will evaluate your individulaize case and advise on the best supplements for you.

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